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This section of the website is for current members of the College of Alberta Psychologists. If you are a regulated member you have full access to this section. This section provides:

  • additional information and resources for members
  • news for members

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If you have any questions or require a username and password, please contact us at:

Phone: (780) 424-5070
Toll free in Alberta: 1-800-659-0857

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Register as a Psychologist

This section provides information and resources regarding registration requirements, fees and the forms that must be completed in order to become a registered psychologist in Alberta.

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Concerns About a Psychologist

This section provides information and resources to address concerns about the conduct of a psychologist.

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Professional Guidance

The College communicates daily with members, providing regulatory information and guidance. Regulated members are welcome to contact the College for professional guidance related to regulatory information.

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About the College

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Regulatory Information

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Sexual Abuse/Misconduct

Addressing and Preventing Sexual Abuse and Misconduct for Psychologists